Since I began to see myself as an artist, I have been fascinated by the “hands-on” experience of being a maker.  Direct connection to creative material fully captured my attention.  Clay provided me with a total, up-to-the-elbows experience. Beginning as a production potter I concentrated on the “home”. Creating functional, table-top design was to be my focus for over 50 years.

Life is an interesting guide.  The discipline of working on the wheel and creating product needed to be balanced with experimentation.  Focusing on color and using clay as a canvas, I began to make Tile both for commercial and residential use as well as “just for fun”.  Puzzles, Landscapes and Mosaics balanced my product line and while building a wholesale Art for the Table business I played with pieces that allowed me to explore the variations in surface I could achieve with spontaneity.

And so it continued…

Recently I have discovered PAPER! Mixed-media, “word-driven” collage has become my new creative expression. Surrounded by papers, inks, paints, glues and odds & ends (and clay), I approach the work as though each piece tells a different story, captures a memory or an idea and changes before my eyes as I layer, alter and continually experiment.