Artful Thoughts

Today is the day!

My re-entry into the creative world has been a challenge.

First, I spend an inordinate time figuring out who I was (now) and what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it.  Finding my self in a new time of life, entertaining the creative aging process, I was determined to spend as much of my time feeling connected to what used to be my creative core.

Wow!  It is still there.

Teaching was the beginning.  Teaching new things. That meant I needed to learn new things!

I have met new people, inspired new work: mine and others and have discovered we are many people living inside our bodies.  The challenge of having to start a new life, new work, channeling new ideas has been exciting.

My list has been:

Continue making art...ANY ART!

Teach classes!

Make a new webiste!

Connect through Mail Chimp! begin to write.

Not bad for an old lady.